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Poster Fireflies

Poster Circus. 1942

Children and puppets

...To build the theater, make the marionettes and the decorations, to create the light effects Ч only someone who has gone through Terezin can appreciate the difficulty. Even the plays we had to write ourselves. We had to find the reciters, teach the marionette operators. It took three months of preparation before the first play could be put on.

But the reward was worth it. Thousands of shining, thankful eyes of Czech children, the little beings who, from the cultural and entertainment point of view, suffered in Terezin more than anyone else... We gave 22 performances. Our promising series stopped only because our performance hall was occupied. We did not manage to continue, but we did manage to do at least something for our children. Jaroslav Dubsky, In Terezin, September 13, 1943.

Puppets, 1943

Marika Friedmannova. Puppet theater. 1943


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