Franz Peter Kien (1919 1944)


The book, a monograph-catalogue, consists of a foreword by Dr. Jan Munk and biography article written by Elena Makarova and Ira Rabin. The book will be divided into three sections according to the following scheme:

I. Childhood – adolescence – student's years – creative work (1919 – 1939).
– Family. Childhood. Varnsdorf. (1919-1929)
– Brno. The first experiences in applied arts and the literature.
– Prague. Officina Pragensis, Hugo Steiner-Prag. The Prague Academy of arts, Willi Novak.

II. Under Nazi occupation (1939 – 1941)
– Officina Pragensis, Jaroslav Švab & Vinohrady synagogue, Kien - teacher of drawing and industrial graphics groups.

III. Terezin.(1941 – 1944)
– Technical department.
– Terezin in artist’s view. Sketches, friendly cartoons, landscapes, portraits.
– "Marionettes" directed by Gustav Schorsch.
– Poetry. Poetic cycle “Plague-stricken city,” music by Gideon Klein.
– Other plays – "Medea", “On the border” and “Bad dream.”
– Libretto for Viktor Ullmann’s opera "Emperor of Atlantis."


2012 © Elena & Sergei Makarov