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Elena Makarova Initiative Group (EMI)


Elena Makarova is an Israeli author, art-therapist, historical researcher and art-exhibition curator. Twenty-five years' experience of teaching and treating children and adults via art gives her a unique perspective and ability to connect different facts and information into Knowledge and Help. Elena started her research on the Jewish Ghetto/KZ Theresienstadt (Terezin) in 1988; since then she and her group have produced over 20 books and a number of articles on Holocaust history, along with books on art education and art-therapy, novels and short stories, documentary films, Internet publications, etc. The group have collected rich and comprehensive documentation on the cultural life in Theresienstadt, often based on Elena's personal acquaintance with many survivors and their families. This collection and research provided foundation to over 30 major exhibitions she and her group arranged in Israel, United States, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Japan. Most of the material in Elena's archive constitute unique documents and interviews, so far unknown to general public, which in their entirety form a whole vision of the phenomenon of Terezin's human history and unparalleled resistance to Nazism through spirit and culture. In last decades Elena developed a unique art-therapy technique based on Friedl Dicker-Brandeis’s Bauhaus school/Terezin KZ teachings and experiences. Since 2006 she runs her own Internet school, in which hundreds of students are instructed and treated by art.

EMI Activities:

• Research - investigating different subjects on cultural life in Terezin KZ and other survival settings (e.g. British detainment camp for Jews on Mauritius Island during WW2), interviewing the survivors, collecting documents, visual and audio footage, also in collaboration with other organizations and people. “Discovery” of forgotten artists, e.g. Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, Franz Peter Kien, Bedrich Peretz Mayer, ea.
• Production - cultural and educational projects: exhibitions, books, films, articles, lectures, workshops, online seminars and classes.
• Education & Consulting - giving seminars, workshops & consultations to people and organizations, via internet, mail, phone, personal meetings. Support - meeting the everyday needs of the survivors, helping them find the information about their families, etc.

About our research team:

EMI includes also the following core members:
Sergei Makarov author, researcher, translator, fundraiser
Dr. David Buyaner – author, researcher, translator
Victor Kuperman translator, researcher, author
Michael Kubat editor, translator Catherine Nekliudova - editor
Haim Kuchuk – cameraman, film-editor
Marina Favinsky website designer
Galina Bleikh – graphic and website designer
Mag. Georg Schrom – advisor, editor, exhibit designer
Maria Makarova exhibit designer
Michael Polsky – website administrator



Our coordinates:

Contact person: Elena Makarova

Address: Hess Street 33 apt. 5, Haifa 3339714 ISRAEL

Tel: + 972547994732



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